Scientists created a map with evidence, not seven continents on Earth

    As far as we all know there are seven continents on earth. But did you know that there are not seven but eight continents on earth? But this eighth continent is buried under the sea.

    The continent is over Zealand to the southeast of Australia. Now scientists have shown him a map. From this, it is known that it is spread over 5 million square kilometers. This means that it is about 17 lakh square kilometers larger than the area of ​​ has an area of ​​32.87 lakh kilometers.

    The name of this eighth continent is Zealandia. The continent sank in the ocean about 230 million years ago, scientists said.

    The continent of Zealand broke away from the supercontinent Gondwanaland 79 million years ago. The continent was first discovered three years ago. Scientists have been researching it ever since.

    Now New Zealand scientists have created a tectonic and bimetric map. So as to know the seismic activities and marine attached to it.

    “This map tells us about the whole world,” said GNL Science geologist Nick Mortimer. Which is very special. This is a great scientific achievement.

    Nike said the eighth volume was conceived in 1995. But it took until 2017 to find it and then it was recognized as the missing eighth volume.

    The continent of Zeelandia is located within the Pacific Ocean at a depth of 3800 feet. The new map shows that there are very high-low lands in Zeelandia. Somewhere there are very high mountains and somewhere there are very high valleys. The whole of Zeelandia is under the sea. But a mountain called Balls Pyramid has risen out of the sea near Lord Howe Island. From this place, it is known that there is also a room under the sea.

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