AI and support in the fight against Corona

    • Helps create vaccines from AI, monitors face recognition coronet patients while robot cares and cleans
    • Mercedes makes ventilators cheaper than the market price using the used in Formula One cars
    • 3D mapping is helping to create a corona vaccine
    • Support drones and robots to avoid human contact
    • Facial recognition technology identifies the patient even if he is wearing a mask

    People are living their lives with a fear because of the coronavirus. Technology has become a good option in Teva. Technology is helping in many ways to fight the Corona. The government is helping people using technology.

    Tech expert Balendu Dadhich believes that this is the biggest help of technology. AI (Artificial Intelligence), Analytics, Cloud, and Social Platforms have emerged as technology warriors.

    So tech guru Abhishek Tailang is also giving importance to AI, robotics and tech fusion. In China, robots are being used to monitor patients. Medicines and meals are delivered to the isolation ward with the help of a robot. At the same time the robot is working to take the medical waste and sheets.

    A robot called ‘Little Peanuts’ delivers meals to people quarantined in hotels. In the United States, a robot called VC works to coordinate between the medical team and patients. Likewise chatbots are giving travelers the latest travel advisory.

    How does technology help fight corona?

    AI (Artificial Intelligence)

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    Both Balendu Dadhich and Abhishek Tailang believe that the main contribution of technology in the fight against Corona is to accelerate the process of fight against Corona. This has reduced the response time. Google DeepMind has created the ‘Alpha Fold’ system, which is capable of predicting the 3D structure of the genetic sequence of a protein.

    Understanding this structure helps researchers find components to make vaccines. Similarly, AI is becoming a helper in bringing relevant research papers together. Allen Institute and Google Deep Mind have also created a tool like this, which allows researchers to easily share the results and data of each other’s research. The role of cloud computing is also important, making all the results available to each other in a very short time.

    The University of Texas and the National Institutes of Health have created a 3D map of the virus’s spike protein using biology techniques. From which the process of infection of the virus can be understood. This protein is responsible for entering the human body and infecting its cells.

    This is helping to make a component of the vaccine. Companies like Google, Microsoft, Alibaba, Baiju are investing heavily in AI technology which will bring a tremendous change in the future of technology.

    Breathing Devices from Fusion Technology

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    According to Abhishek Telang, how technology fusion is also helping to fight Corona. Engineers from Mercedes Formula and University College London have teamed up to create a ventilator-like CPAP device using technology used in Formula One cars, which can supply oxygen directly to the patient’s lungs.

    This device also saves a significant amount of oxygen by using 70 percent less oxygen than previous devices. Dr. of Glenville Hospital in Wales. Ray Thomas has created a type of ventilator that not only provides oxygen to patients, but also provides fresh air to the patient by removing infected particles from the room. This type of is happening all over the world and its use has also started.

    Contactless operation

    Self-driving cars, drones, and robots are helpful in all those places where human contact is to be avoided. This type of car can be very helpful in transporting infected people or patients from here to there. Abhishek Telang says robots can help feed patients, their swabs and ultrasound testing, clean hospitals. In addition, the robot is performing complex surgery.

    In our country, robots are being assisted in many hospitals. In addition, food delivery and medicine can be delivered to quarantined people with the help of drones. The Apollo company and China’s Baiju have also created a startup called Neolix for this type of work, which will build a self-driving vehicle.

    SF, China’s largest courier company, used a large number of drones to supply medical supplies to hospitals in Wuhan. Similarly, MIT in the US has developed a technology that can monitor patients’ health with the help of wireless signals. These signals can work to send to doctors sitting far away.

    Contact tracing will be done by phone

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    Google has teamed up with Apple to create this type of technology, which will give you about Corona patients. That API works on a complex BLB BEACON protocol system that will remain in your phone as default service.

    Abhishek Telang says that there is a very useful API (Application Program Interface) called Exposure Notification, the technology will soon be available on iOS and Android smartphones.

    It connects two phones using Bluetooth. Data is shared with consent, giving the person in contact about the infected person. However, it is still in the early stages, with trials underway in about 22 countries. As soon as the results come out, these APIs will be handed over to the public health agencies of the countries, with the help of which they will be able to easily do the work of contact tracing of the infected person.

    Strength and awareness through social media

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    Microsoft has created an interactive map that will provide accurate information about Corona. One such popular social media platform, Tiktok, has teamed up with the WHO to provide accurate and information about Corona. Users can also ask them questions here during WHO live streaming.

    Balendu says that even though the biggest source of fake news is social media, it has played the most important role in making people aware. Social media plays an important role in influencing them, building communication between people, and keeping them connected. Without it, it would have been difficult to cope with the filling of isolation in the lockdown.

    Facial recognition for tracking

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    This technology is designed for patients. This technology identifies the patient even if he is wearing a mask. The technology is also helpful for working with CCTV cameras to monitor quarantined people.

    This technology can be used to inform others about infections. This technology has started to be used in hospitals. Experts believe that this technology will soon be widely used.

    Help in remote area with telemedicine

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    The Medical Center of Rush University in Chicago, USA has set up a virtual medical line, which helps in the investigation of Corona patients. With the help of this technology, people living in remote areas are getting a lot of help in examining patients.

    of a simple and useful device

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    Balendu said a simple but very useful device is needed against a disease like corona, which keeps people safe and helps in treatment. Many studies have shown that coronaviruses can survive on many surfaces for hours to several days. The virus survives on the surface of steel for up to three days. The door handle is the most commonplace, where we touch several times a day. The risk of infection is also highest here. Door openers are a very small invention, which has proven useful in preventing transitions. The door can be opened very easily and we can also sanitize it.

    London-based designer Steve Brooks has created this type of door opener, dubbed the ‘Hygiene Hook’. It is small enough to be kept in a pocket. With its help, any door can be opened and can also be easily sanitized.

    UV Sterilizer Wireless Charger

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    This divider works to remove dangerous germs from the surface of your , charger, watch, earphones. This device has also come in the market.

    Vegetable and food disinfectant

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    With the help of this technology, you can remove dangerous pesticides from vegetables and fruits. Many companies have started production of this device, it is also available online.

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