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    Bulbbul Review Against the backdrop of Bulbul’s story are the Bengali society of the late 19th century and all the evils of that period which many social reformers started a movement to end.

    Bengali cinema has also been greatly influenced by the works of Rabindranath Tagore. Many of his popular stories have been screened by well-known filmmakers. Some films have also been made in the Bengali film industry on the events of Rabindranath Tagore’s own life.

    One such film is Kadambari. It is a biopic of Tagore’s sister-in-law Kadambari Devi, in which her relationship with Tagore was beautifully portrayed by director Suman Ghosh through cinema.

    The inspiration of both the main characters of Anushka Sharma’s release ‘Bulbul’ story seems to have come from ‘Kadambari’, which has been given the shape of a supernatural thriller, and also from ‘Kadambari’. Equality also ends.

    The link connecting these two films is Parambrata Chatterjee, who played Tagore in ‘Kadambari’, while Konkona Sen Sharma became Kadambari. Parambrata appears in an important role in ‘Bulbul’. Bulbul is a film with a strong message, with absolutely no dose of thrills or horror…

    Satya returns from London. Bulbul is happy, but something has changed inside him. There is now a layer of mystery in his words and smile. On the other hand, men are killed in the village. There is a discussion that there is a witch with a back foot in the forest, who is killing men.

    London Returns Satya finds all this nonsense and sets out on a campaign to find out the truth with the local police. Meanwhile, Satya is jealous after seeing Bulbul mingling with Doctor Sudeep, then the zamindari arrogance awakens and he decides to send Bulbul to her maternal home. During the investigation of Satya, such incidents happen that the story takes a turn again and many secrets are revealed. Witch’s reverse legs too.

    Bulbul, a super natural thriller, is a slow-paced film. There are few scenes in a large part of the film that produce horror or thunder. Twenty minutes to the end the story picks up pace and some impressive scenes emerge. The film seems weak at the level of writing.

    The screenplay initially seems dull. Yes, dialogues leave their mark in some places. Especially, the scene when Binodini reveals his grief through taunts on the havelis and landlords, explaining the aftermath of the bullying on Bulbul.


    The film is directed by Anvita Dutt, who has also written the film. Anvita has done a good job as a director. He has taken over the director’s responsibility for the first time in Bulbul. Prior to this he has written many successful songs. Trupti Dimri managed to highlight the layers of Bulbul’s character.

    Avinash Tiwari in the role of Satya, Rahul Bose in the double role of Mahendra and Indranil influence. In the role of Binodini, Paumibrat Chatterjee leaves an impact in the role of Pauli Dam and Doctor Sudeep. Anushka Sharma’s Bulbul depicts women’s empowerment staunchly, but fails to produce the thrill of the horror film. It can also be said that its male characters are more frightening than the witch of ‘Bulbul’, which forces the straight-legged ‘Lakshmi’ to become a ‘witch’ with a back foot.

    Artists – Trupti Dimri, Rahul Bose, Ashwani Tiwari, Parambrata Chatterjee, Pauli Dam etc.

    Director– Anvita Dutt

    Producer– Anushka Sharma, Karnesh Sharma.

    Verdict – *** (3 stars)

    Bulbbul Streaming On Netflix From 24 June


    Source : Jagran

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