to build its own processor for Mac lineup

    • to build its processor for Mac lineup, to launch the first silicon-based device by end of year
    • It will take 2 years to transform Mac laptops and desktops into architectures
    • Work is underway on a model, which will be shipping with A Series Mac for some time

    At Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, the company announced the replacement of the Mac lineup with its in-house processor. Apple will launch a silicon-based Mac by the end of 2020. It will take 2 years to transform Mac laptops and desktops into new architectures, the company said. And this device will be iMac and MacBook Pro. “The company is working on a new processor,” said Tim Cook, CEO of the company and Johnny Sorjee, senior vice president of hardware at the event.

    Apple to build its own processor for Mac lineup
    Apple to build its own processor for Mac lineup

    Apple’s desktop operating system macOS Big Sarna preview has been revealed. The process of change has begun. The will allow Mac products to run on iOS and iPadOS. Developers can make it compatible using the Xcode12 beta of existing software. It includes a compiler and debugging tool.

    Apple developers may also run a universal app Quick Start-up program, which will include documentation in the form of a modified Mac mini based on the Apple A12Z processor, forums, beta software, and a hardware developer transition kit.

    No shortage of batteries and performance

    • Sorji hailed the A4 as the success of the A-series processor for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. In the next Mac, the user will not have any problem related to the battery in the new processor. We will be selling with the Intel-based model for some time.
    • According to Apple, the new model is currently in the development stage and will be shipping with the A series Mac for some time. Existing Mac laptops/desktops will support the next MacOS for many years to come.

    iPhone CPU performance has increased 100 times in 10 years

    • Apple is the only company to have built its own operating system and processor. So far Apple has delivered 2 billion SoCs and in-house developed Sporting chips. “The performance of the iPhone CPU has increased 100 times in 10 years,” Sooji said. The iPad Pro is faster than any other PC / laptop currently available.
    • Apple intends to take Custom Power Management, Secure Enclave, High-Performance Integrated GPU, Machine Learning Tool, Neural Engine, Custom Video Display, Image Processing Engine, and Mac to a new level of performance.
    • Started with Motorola’s processor
    • This is the fourth architecture change for the Mac . It started with Motorola’s processor and shifted to IBM’s power in 2006 before Intel X86 CPUs.

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