Realme XT smartphone explodes during charging, fire

    A case of blast has surfaced in a Realme smartphone. The user claims that the phone broke during charging and caught fire

    The incident of the Reality XT smartphone has come to light. A user claimed that the phone exploded during charging and caught fire. A day before, Roshan Singh, who bought this phone, says that the phone was being charged only by the official charger.

    According to 91 ’s report, the company says that the incident was caused by some external pressure on the smartphone.

    According to the report, Roshan Singh sent pictures of the burnt phone to the service center of Reality. Seeing the photos of the company representative claimed that the phone must have been externally pressurized, causing puncture and the battery caught fire.

    Not only this, when Roshan complained about this on Twitter, the company has said to take necessary action. Roshan Singh also shared the burnt phone pictures and phone bill.

    What bid company

    The Reality team said in its official statement on the matter, ‘ quality is the most important for us. Every smartphone of Reality undergoes many difficult quality and robustness tests as customer safety is important to us.

    Our investigation revealed that the smartphone was damaged due to external pressure. The battery of the smartphone caught fire as the smartphone was punctured from outside. ‘

    Never make this mistake

    Please tell that the news of smartphone fire often comes. So it is important that you also take care of some important things to protect your smartphone from fire.

    Always charge the phone with the charger that comes with it. In case of any defect in the phone, it should always be corrected at the Authentic Service Center.

    While charging, take care not to put anything on the phone, so that there is no unnecessary pressure. Also, do not keep the phone in the sun and do not put it on charge for a long time.

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