These secret tricks of Gmail are very useful, try now

    Gmail offers many great features to its users. There are many options in Gmail, using which you can make the experience of sending and receiving emails much better than before. Let’s know the details.

    ’s email service Gmail is used by millions of users worldwide. also offers features to improve the users’ experience. It also has some features that most users miss. Here we are telling you about some such special features of Gmail, which will make your experience using Gmail more spectacular.

    Increase ‘Undo Send’ send time

    mail setting 1

    The most advantage of this feature is when you have mistakenly sent an email to the wrong address or forgot to add an important file to the email. With the help of this feature, email can prevent the initiative from reaching the receiver’s inbox. To do this, by default gives a window of 5 seconds. Users can extend it for 10, 20, or 30 seconds. For this, go to Gmail Settings and click on the General tab. Go to the Undo Send drop-down menu here and select the timing and save it.

    Confidential Mode

    mail setting 2
    mail setting 3

    This mode of Gmail is very useful for your privacy and security. The receiver cannot copy, forward, or print the email sent through this mode. You can also set the expiry date of an email in this mode. Passcodes can also be used to increase the security of email. To send a confirmation email, one has to click on the padlock button at the bottom of the compose window. After this, a dialog box pops up, in which you can set expiry timing and passcode.

    Schedule email

    mail setting 4
    mail setting 4
    mail setting 3
    mail setting 3

    With the help of this feature, you can set the time when the compressed email is sent. Compose the email for this and enter the receiver’s email address and subject. Then click on the drop-down arrow on the send button below. Here you can set the time and date of sending the email.

    Create customized filter

    Gmail allows you to create customized filters for the inbox. For this, go to Gmail Settings with the help of Gear Eyck. Select the Filter and Blocked Address tab here. After that go into the create new filter and enter the keywords. Keep in mind that in this you will also have to tell the name or domain of the sender. After this, click on Create filter. Here you can choose whether to delete the filtered email or mark or read or archive it.

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